Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Hilltop Park San Francisco (VIDEO)

Via Thrasher:
Born in 1979, the Dish was the first skatepark in SF. Over the years it's seen broken bones, race riots, Animal Chin—all of it. The Trust for Public Land came at me about a year ago to redo the Dish; I recommended Grindline and they got the job. Fast forward to Dec. 3, 2016 the ribbon was cut and the park was open. Senators, skaters, builders and city councelors all made this day special. Anyway, it's there. Come and get it at the top of Hudson St. SF, CA. Nobody does it better — Jake Phelps.

The Tony Hawk Foundation helped provide funding:
12 December 2016 (Vista, CA) – Youth in San Francisco are enjoying their new skatepark at the city’s rebuilt Hilltop Park, and other communities can now take advantage of the same Tony Hawk Foundation construction grant that helped fund that amazing project.

A public skatepark typically requires funding from several sources, and over the past fifteen years the Tony Hawk Foundation has become one of the most significant, with over $5.6-million awarded to projects in all 50 States. As THF’s 519th skatepark to open, Hilltop is just the latest.

According to Will Rogers, Chief Executive Officer of The Trust for Public Land, THF’s contribution may not have been the largest, but it was pivotal. “The Trust for Public Land is deeply grateful for the Tony Hawk Foundation’s support of the Hilltop Skatepark. They didn’t just give generous financial backing, their support generated real excitement in the local community and being able to call on the Tony Hawk Foundation for technical advice and suggestions was tremendous. You can already see how popular the new design is with skaters of all ages and abilities, and we thank them for helping make that possible.”

The 16,000-square-foot concrete flow course and bowl was the result of local residents collaborating with several agencies and organizations, including San Francisco Recreation And Parks, The Trust For Public Land, Parks 94124, and the Tony Hawk Foundation.

In recent years, many THF Skatepark Grant recipients have reported that the contribution from Tony Hawk’s foundation also catalyzed their local fundraising. “The value of winning the Tony Hawk Foundation Grant cannot be measured by sheer numbers,” said Sarah Anderson, who led the Nyack, New York public skatepark to its grand opening in 2015. “The esteemed THF grant not only filled the skatepark coffer, it legitimized the project in the eyes of the public and activated donors, both public and private, to carry us forward to the finish line.”