Friday, February 24, 2017

What's Behind Russia's Alleged Meddling in the 2016 Election

There's no actual evidence that Russia influences the election. Every New York Times report about this so-called scandal includes a disclaimer that there's no proof of Russian interference. It is, of course, the fact that hammered, heartbroken leftists have had to glom onto something, anything, to give them some kind of excuse for their epic failures. Especially their failure of nominating Crooked Hillary Clinton. And these excuses have been accompanied by the most extreme and fanatical political hatred I've ever seen. Radical leftists are your enemies. They've told you an untold number of times before and after the election. So when you read reports like this, from Evan Osnos, David Remnick, and Joshua Yaffa, at the New Yorker, just consider it counter-intelligence against the bad guys. The bad guy in the "enemedia," as the heroic Pamela Geller has called them.

See, "Annals of Diplomacy: Trump, Putin, and the New Cold War."