Monday, March 20, 2017

I've Finished Allan Eckert's, The Frontiersmen

The book's almost 700 pages long.

I've got to plow through chapter after chapter when I'm reading big tomes like this one, mostly because I've got to get on to my next book.

I read most of the day yesterday, except to watch UCLA in the March Madness tournament (against Cincinnati).

In any case, Eckert can't be recommended too highly. Indeed, I'm going to start on book two of his "Narratives of America" series after not too long.

At Amazon, Allan Eckert, The Frontiersmen: A Narrative.

And don't miss others in the series, Wilderness Empire: A Narrative; The Conquerors; The Wilderness War; Gateway to Empire; and Twilight of Empire.

Thanks for your support.

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