Monday, March 6, 2017

Nothing Good Comes from Dehumanizing Your Political Enemies

Following-up, from previously, "Charles Murray and the Flight 93 Election."

From Professor Allison Stanger, at Facebook:
When the event ended, and it was time to leave the building, I breathed a sigh of relief. We had made it. I was ready for dinner and conversation with faculty and students in a tranquil setting. What transpired instead felt like a scene from Homeland rather than an evening at an institution of higher learning. We confronted an angry mob as we tried to exit the building. Most of the hatred was focused on Dr. Murray, but when I took his right arm both to shield him from attack and to make sure we stayed together so I could reach the car too, that’s when the hatred turned on me. One thug grabbed me by the hair and another shoved me in a different direction. I noticed signs with expletives and my name on them. There was also an angry human on crutches, and I remember thinking to myself, “What are you doing? That’s so dangerous!” For those of you who marched in Washington the day after the inauguration, imagine being in a crowd like that, only being surrounded by hatred rather than love. I feared for my life...

ADDED: It's an excellent essay, but Professor Stanger unloads on President Trump in the conclusion, which blows it for me. I suppose she's trying to exonerate the left a bit, to justify leftist authoritarianism as a response to the so-called "evil" that President Trump's "unleashed." That's bullshit, and it's too bad. She otherwise offers a fine essay.