Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The U.S. Ranked 7th in 'Best Countries' Survey at U.S. News

Which is bull.

We're behind Switzerland (#1), Canada (#2), the U.K. (#3), Germany (#4), Japan (Japan! #5), Sweden (#6).

What a joke, really.

But there's a silver lining (for the world):

There is one bright spot for the United States: It is still perceived as the most powerful nation on earth, running ahead of Russia, China, the United Kingdom and Germany.
You see, all those countries that are ranked as "better" than us, are also free-riding on the security we're providing. And honestly, Canada, Sweden, and Germany are already gone, turned over to leftists and Islamists.  Switzerland's a nice place for a vacation, but why would it be ranked the best country in the world? And Japan! California's better than Japan, and we're a Democrat Party hell-hole, heh.

Clearly, this survey interviewed a bunch of anti-Americans who hate President Trump (see, "Overall Best Countries Ranking").