Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Out Today: Laura Kipnis, Unwanted Advances

Following-up from March 28th, "In the Mail: Laura Kipnis, Unwanted Advances."

I'm nearly 100 pages into this book, and it's good.

My only issue with it -- and it's a serious issue --- is that Kipnis insists that the left's Title IX totalitarianism isn't "ideological." She refers to the left's anti-rape jihad on campus as a function of an allegedly hysterical, polarized political environment, said to be productive of schizophrenic college policies on sexual assault.

Frankly, that's much too loose in terms of political responsibility, but it can't be otherwise for Kipnis, since she's desperate to cling to her bona fides as a self-described "far-left feminist." (She'd do well to read Kim Holmes' recent book, which places the left's current campus turmoil firmly in the trenches of radical ideological trends going back to at least the 1960s.)

That said, the volume's a worthwhile read that deserves a spot on the shelf of anyone seriously concerned about the denial of basic due process at America's colleges and universities.

At Amazon, Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus.