Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Stefan Molyneux Talks to Lauren Southern (VIDEO)

I'm having a problem with Ms. Lauren, in how she's on Twitter cheering out-and-out racist white supremacists. I'm not into that. (See the Modesto Bee, "White supremacist who created stir at Stanislaus State seen punching woman at Berkeley protest.")

And that's my problem with the so-called "alt-right" more broadly. Just because you can do or say something doesn't make it right, and that's particularly true with regards to race and racism. Some of the stuff at Taki's Magazine, for example, goes too far, and that publication's been doing this kind of thing way before Trump's MAGA movement attracted lots of such people last years.

So, while I really like her, I think Ms. Lauren needs to discern more carefully the bounds of political propriety.

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