Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Sovietization of American Politics

It's Wretchard, at Pajamas, "Checkmate":
The Sovietization of Washington politics is nearly complete. Strong arm rule, political surveillance and the show trial threatens to replace the orderly alternation at power which characterized elective government. Watching the Beltway is now disturbingly like watching an unfolding power struggle at the Kremlin. Richard Arenberg writing in the Hill asks: "is there any hope of pulling out of the "nuclear option" death spiral before the Senate inflicts permanent damage upon itself and the Supreme Court?" There's growing concern the acrimony will permanently poison the atmosphere by locking both parties into a cycle of retaliation...
Everything is polarized. There's no giving in. There's no compromise. Fuck your partisan enemies. And who can blame Trump and the Republicans? Frankly, fighting back is why people voted for Trump.

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