Thursday, June 29, 2017

Blog Slow Loading in Chrome

As noted, the blog's not been loading.

So, I checked my browsers. I'm still having problems in Chrome (and will update when I get it fixed).

But I fixed the problem on my iPhone 7. Check this piece, at iGeek Blogs, "Safari Running Slow on iPhone or iPad? Five Tips to Speed It Up."

The full blog, not [just] the mobile URL, loads in about 2-3 seconds 1 second on my iPhone after implementing the fixes at that piece, so I know there's something going on in Chrome that I can't figure out.

I haven't had complaints, and the traffic's been better than normal this week, so I'm not too worried about general accessibility. I'd just like to my own reading to be enjoyable and blog performance to be good.

More later.

Thanks for reading.