Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Charles Krauthammer on Donald Trump, Jr.: 'I Love It' Are 'Fatal Words' (VIDEO)

Lots of conservatives hate Charles Krauthammer, seeing him as a Beltway hack because he doesn't always toe the right's political memes du jour.

I get it.

I like Krauthammer because he's so smart. He's very conservative, but he doesn't let an agenda get in the way of facts. He calls it like he sees it. In this case, (1) in Donald Jr's emails we have clear factual evidence that gives fuel to leftist claims of "collusion." But it's not just that, (2) it's that we're talking about a "foreign power," Russia, probably America's greatest adversary right now, a country that opposes American interests at every turn and which has been the headlines for years with foreign invasions, attacks on civilian aircraft, and great power hostility at the U.N. All of this makes recent developments very grave for the White House.

Watch, from Martha MacCallum's segment yesterday, at Fox News, "Krauthammer on Trump Jr.: 'I love it' are the fatal words."

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