Monday, July 3, 2017

Lyle Denniston Retires from SCOTUS Blog

But he's not retiring altogether.

He's joining the the National Constitution Center.

At Politico, "Lyle Denniston, a lion of the Supreme Court beat, leaves SCOTUSblog."

And his farewell blog post, at the SCOTUS Blog, "One journey over, the quest continues":
With my journey with the blog about to conclude, it will probably surprise no one that my quest continues. Retirement still eludes me, because I want it to. Next, I will be expanding my role in covering the Court for Constitution Daily, the blog of the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. My editor there, Scott Bomboy, is as imaginative a leader as I have ever had, and the Center has grown in stature and cultural impact with Jeff Rosen in charge. The Court’s press room, thus, has not seen the last of me. I will always be reachable at lylden at

And, through the generosity of the leaders and faculty at the University of Baltimore and its Law School, and my friend, the uniquely talented Garrett Epps, I will take on a role as a lecturer and visiting professor. Since my days with The Baltimore Sun, I have never lost my affection for Charm City, and the University is a dynamic presence in its midst.

And, who knows, I may still have a book or two waiting, inside me, to be written...