Monday, November 27, 2017

The Old Man and the Sea

I spent the day with my young son yesterday, cruising around for books, going out for pizza, and then topping off the afternoon with a stop in Newport Beach. My son was so excited to walk around the pier, see the fishermen and examine their catch, and, most of all, rekindle some memories of previous visits down to the water.

We've taken away my son's digital items for a couple of weeks, because he's been having issues. No cell phone. No iPad. No tablet. He can watch television, but there's no inter-connectivity, which is good. It's amazing how much fun it is to just unplug. He was joyous. You talk. You communicate. You reminisce about the good times and you create new memories. I love my son so much and want him to be healthy and happy. Disconnecting helps.

More later. Have a wonderful day.