Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Dow Jones Drops for the First Time in 2018

Media outlets are publishing spectacular headlines as if the market crashed. This is nothing. The Dow lost 1.1 percent today, and apparently about .8 percent yesterday. Compare that to Black Monday in 1987, where the market lost almost 23 percent of its value in one day. Black Friday, October 24, 1929, saw a 22 percent decline, hence the "Wall Street Crash."

Here's the Wall Street Journal, "Dow Industrials Have Their Worst Day Since May." And at USA Today, "Dow's biggest 2-day drop since 2016 puts investors on edge as stock gauge briefly falls 400 points."

More, at Bloomberg, "Stocks Tumble, Bonds No Haven as Selloff Worsens: Markets Wrap." That's just not that big of a "tumble."

Seems to me media outlets are working to take a little luster off, if possible, the president's spin tonight at the State of the Union speech. Me, I'm quite bullish: My Roth IRA and 457b market fund have been growing wonderfully. I'm not worried at all. In fact I'm excited.