Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The Democrats' Great White Hope in California

Following-up, "California Primary Results: Gavin Newsom, John Cox to Face-Off in November Gubernatorial Election."

Althouse blogs about the California gubernatorial race, "'Republican John Cox Secures Spot in California Governor’s Race/Businessman comes in second in primary, is set to face Democrat Gavin Newsom in November election'":
ADDED: I just looked at Drudge, saw this...

... asked myself what does John Cox look like, did an image search, and came back to say forget about it, Republicans. As indicated above, I'm practical about voting, and being practical, I'd probably vote for Cox, but as an observer, my practicality has me predicting that California voters — tasked with deciding between idealism and practicality — will spring for the better looking man.
Yeah, well, Cox is probably toast, as I noted at my entry above.

Althouse's screenshot of Drudge: