Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Rose McGowan Backlash After Former 'Charmed' Star Tweets Support for Asia Argento

Althouse had the story, first reported at NYT, "Asia Argento, a #MeToo Leader, Made a Deal With Her Own Accuser."

And Ann's comment there:
"Most 17-year-old boys would consider sex f any kind with a beautiful woman the best day of their life so far."

How old was he when he made the movie in which she played his mother? Then look at the continued psychological hold on him with this "I'm your mother" routine. What if someone did that to your child? It's an appropriation of childhood innocence, very reminiscent of the behavior of the accused Catholic priests. To take a young mind and to shape and manipulate it to serve your sexual interests is truly evil. Everyone who has contact with children has a moral responsibility not to use them that way, even if they are refraining from sexual contact until the age of consent.
And now at CNN, the hypocrisy of Rose McGowan:

Rose got fried for her sick double standard here, at the link.