Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Even Clownshow Nonsense Network's Polls Show Trump Winning on Impeachment

At AoSHQ, "lol: Trump Ahead of All Democrats In Another National Poll."

BONUS: At the Other McCain, "Impeachment Day Arrives":
Today the Democrats will vote to impeach President Trump for . . .

Uh, whatever. Ever since Trump was elected, Democrats promised they would impeach him if Nancy Pelosi ever got the Speaker’s gavel, and today they will keep that promise. The pretext for this was a “whistleblower” — a Democrat holdover on the National Security Council staff — who went running to Adam Schiff with a wild tale about Trump’s July phone call to the newly elected president of Ukraine. All questions about that phone call were answered by Trump through the simple expedient of releasing the transcript. But having worked themselves into an impeachment frenzy over this, Democrats refused to acknowledge that Trump had beat them, and continued stumbling onward...
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