Friday, October 2, 2020

Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Say a prayer for the president and his wife. Hope Hicks too. 

It's been nonstop bombshell news for days now, some of it genuine news (and most of it propaganda from the leftist media complex --- here's looking at you New York Times). 

Check Memeorandum for all the headlines. 

And at LAT, "President Trump and first lady test positive for the coronavirus."

The media's descended into hysteria. On CNN a little while ago, Dana Bash, Kaitlan Collins, and Dr. Sanjay Gupta all looked like they'd just woken up or hadn't been to sleep. Brian Stelter declared an international emergency. Oh brother. It's four in the morning back east. What a nightmare. And to think, I watched baseball all day yesterday, then streamed "Big Brother" with my wife, and then the news hit. Unfortunately, there's just one MLB playoff game until Monday. The Cubs and Marlins are making up a rained out game later today, and after that I'll just stream some shows I guess. 

This election's killing me lol.