Saturday, March 20, 2021

Joe Biden 'Doing Fine' After Falling 'Up the Stairs' While Boarding Air Force One (VIDEO)

Heh, again, at the Guardian, which, as noted previously, is more likely to defend "Bumbling and Stumbling" Joe Biden than they are to criticize him. 

Here, "Biden 'doing fine' after stumbling once, twice, thrice on steps of Air Force One: White House spokesperson blames windy weather after Biden loses his footing three times boarding presidential plane."

Also at the New York Post, "Biden keeps falling up the stairs as he boards Air Force One."

And, of course, here's the inimitable, and hilarious, Tucker, to deliver the coup de grĂ¢ce

(And as I schedule this post for later, I still haven't finished watching Tucker's entire episode from "yesterday," because again, family, work, and actually, emailing all my classes about the story of Marlena Pavlos-Hackney, who Tucker covered about midway through his program, had me procrastinating like a lazy mofo, lol; and so, if I'm behind on my grading, it's only my fault, and I'll probably have to pull another 10-hour-day on Monday, just to get caught back up; but the late afternoon is, really, the only time I can catch a little news, so if a couple of awesome Fox News segments here and there actually, "make my day," then it's a trade-off I'm more than willing to take.)