Thursday, April 1, 2021

Four Killed, Including Child, in Latest 'Mass Shooting, in Orange, California (VIDEO)

Well, first of all, what's a "mass shooting"? If I'm not mistaken, any "officer-involved" shooting in which at least two deaths occur, is defined as a "mass shooting." And who defines this? I don't know? Maybe it's a federal definition that's been on the books for years, if not decades. 

But the implication, especially for the hated leftist media, is that with such a "low bar" on defining such events, any and all such incidents, can be sensationalized, and of course, any person's wrongful death is a tragedy, the killings in the City of Orange yesterday, again, all horrific and despicable, can easily be exploited by these same disgusting media outlets, especially the "progressive" national cable networks (notably, CNN and MSNBC) who're always the first "off the gun," so to speak, to turn any and all of such terrible crimes into some new Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Hotel-type of definitive "mass shooting" incident, involving the shooter, Stephen Paddock, 64-years-old, from Mesquite, Nevada, which left 58 people dead, and almost 900 people injured, in what was, really, one of the all-time deadliest gun-related murder-massacres in American history.

Now, as for the City of Orange, I grew up there, and the shooting took place maybe a less than a mile from my dental office (the guy who does root canals, of which I've had too many), and Orange is also the location of my young 19-year-old son's school, and, as he had a recent bad incident himself, on Monday, March 22nd, and of which he's still processing, he might not appreciate how worried all of this makes his parents. 

Helpfully, this L.A. Times story below is not very "sensationalist," whereas as this one, at CNN, is very much so, where the piece notes: 

The FBI's Los Angeles division confirmed to CNN it had responded to the shooting as a matter of routine, but the Orange Police Department is the lead investigative agency. 

This is at least the 20th mass shooting since the Atlanta-area spa attacks two weeks ago that left eight people dead. CNN defines a mass shooting as a shooting incident which results in four or more casualties (dead or wounded), excluding the shooter.

Now, CNN does go with the at least "four or more casualties (dead or wounded)," and in this case, the shooter himself was arrested. But still, even four "dead or wounded" remains a very low bar, and for CNN to lump in this number of "at least the 20th mass shooting" since the horrific Atlanta killings a couple of weeks back --- which itself was quickly politicized by CNN, before literally any genuine facts were known --- gives you a pretty good clue as to what exactly's going on, which, of course, is to perpetuate all the "Big Lies" that all the leftist media peddle, about the "epidemic" of gun violence in this country, with the media's "final solution" being to strip Americans of their God-given rights, and not just the Second Amendment, but perhaps even more importantly, the First.

In any case, at the Los Angeles Times, (and a KABC Eyewitness News 7 segment, from last night, below), "4 killed, including child, in mass shooting at Orange office complex":

Four people, including a child, were killed Wednesday evening and a fifth person was injured in a mass shooting at an Orange office complex.

It marks the third mass shooting in the United States in two weeks, coming after incidents at three Atlanta spas that killed eight people, including six Asian women, and at a Boulder, Colo., supermarket that killed 10.

Few details were immediately available about the victims or a potential motive for the shooting.

Lt. Jennifer Amat, a spokeswoman for the Orange Police Department, said officers received a call about 5:30 p.m. of shots fired and responded to a business at 202 W. Lincoln Ave. in Orange. The beige, two-story office complex at the address contains a number of small businesses.

The officers encountered gunfire when they arrived and opened fire, Amat said. The shooter was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound and was listed in critical condition Wednesday night. It was unclear if the wound was self-inflicted or if he was struck by police gunfire, Amat said.

There is no current threat to the public, she added. A firearm was recovered at the scene.

Have a good day, and don't ever, let them try to take away your rights.