Monday, January 24, 2022

President Biden Call Fox News' Peter Doocy a 'Stupid son of a bitch...' (VIDEO)

 Biden's so respectful and unifying, pfft. 

The story's at Town Hall, "Joe Biden Snaps, Calls Reporter 'Stupid Son of a Bitch'":

n a major hot mic gaffe for President Biden on Monday, the leader of the free world got caught calling Fox News' Peter Doocy a "stupid son of a bitch."

The comment from Biden came after the official White House video feed on YouTube had been cut, but not before C-SPAN's feed ended. Following Biden's opening remarks, White House handlers were trying to shoo members of the press corps out of the room when Doocy shouted his questions: "Will you take questions on inflation? Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?"

Biden, seemingly not aware that his mic was still on and being fed out to broadcast networks including C-SPAN, responded with "What a stupid son of a bitch."...

Story continues here.

And at Hot Air, "Snarky Biden refers to Fox News reporter as 'stupid son of a bitch'."