Sunday, March 6, 2022

CONTENT WARNING: Russian Cruise Missile Strike Kills Family in Irbin, Ukraine (VIDEO)

This video is so intense Google's buried results for it, BBC's pulled the segment from their channel, and I'd be surprised if this one from Bloomberg stays up through the night. 

Some copies have even been deleted on Twitter, especially after Clarissa Ward RT'd it earlier (though the clip's gone now). 

Some #StandWithUkraine dude has it posted at a long thread showing today's horrific developments. Another copy is here.

Some are calling these "mortar shells" raining down on Irpin, but at the video, that's no mortar. It's a missile.

Both Pamela Brown and Anderson Cooper showed it during their respective news hours, with Cooper leading with it at the top of the hour, issuing a stern content warning: " We want to warn you it [this video] shows precisely what war is, but it's important for you to see it." Yeah, all the live shots of bombed out ground up meat and bone is "important for you to see," to bolster CNN's ratings though the March Nielson's sweep.

Story at the Associated Press, "Ukraine says Russia steps up shelling of residential areas."

And scroll down at the New York Times, here: "Russian forces fire on evacuees, leaving 4 people dead outside Kyiv.The attack in Irpin, west of the capital, suggested either direct targeting of evacuees or disregard for the risk of civilian casualties":

IRPIN, Ukraine — A Russian force advancing on Kyiv fired mortar shells on Sunday at a battered bridge used by evacuees fleeing the fighting, sending panicked civilians running and leaving four people dead on the pavement.

Crowds of hundreds have clustered around the damaged bridge over the Irpin River since Saturday. Ukrainian forces had blown up the bridge earlier to slow the Russian advance. Only a dozen or so Ukrainian soldiers were in the immediate area of the bridge on Sunday, not fighting but helping carry civilians’ luggage and children... 

A New York Times team — including the photojournalist Lynsey Addario; a security adviser; and Andriy Dubchak, the freelance journalist who filmed the scene — witnessed the moment that civilians were fired upon.

As the mortars got closer to the stream of civilians, people ran, pulling children, trying to find a safe spot. But there was nothing to hide behind. A shell landed in the street, sending up a cloud of concrete dust and leaving one family — a woman, her teenage son and a her daughter, who appeared to be about 8 years old; and a family friend — sprawled on the ground.

Soldiers rushed to help, but the woman and children were dead. A man traveling with them still had a pulse but was unconscious and severely wounded. He later died.

Their luggage, a blue roller suitcase and some backpacks, was scattered about, along with a green carrying case for a small dog that was barking...