Tuesday, March 1, 2022

Joe Biden Heading into the State of the Union Address: Fifty-Six Percent of Americans Say President's First Year a Failure

I'm not watching. Nothing he says will help politically. He's torn the country apart. 

Polling surveys are simply shapshots in time. Things change, but if the election were held today it'd be a tsunami. The number of House Democrats retiring (or just bailing out) is near a 30-year high. 

November's going to be a bloodbath, from school board, state legislatures, governors, to Members of Congress --- it won't be pretty. 

Here's the brutal poll out form Marist last week, "NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist National Poll: The Biden Administration Heading into the State of the Union Address":

President Joe Biden will deliver his first State of the Union address on Tuesday to a nation whose focus has shifted away from the COVID-19 pandemic and who is sending a message that they want Biden to focus on other issues, especially inflation. Americans’ concerns about their own personal finances and the overall direction of the country provide a stark backdrop for Biden who will face the nation with dismal reviews of his first year in office and his lowest job approval rating...

Majorities of Americans think Biden’s first year in office has been a failure (56%), he is not fulfilling campaign promises (54%), and he is doing more to divide the nation (52%) than to unite it. Americans are more than four times as likely to consider Biden’s first year to be a major failure (36%) than a major success (8%)...

Americans are generally not optimistic about the future of their personal finances, although 36% expect their financial situation to get better in the coming year, up from 30% in July 2021...

51% of Americans think people in their community are economically worse off than they were a year ago. 30% say they are better off, and 7% don’t think there has been much change. 12% are unsure.

With inflation and personal family finances top of mind, perceptions of President Biden’s first year in office are bleak. Majorities of Americans consider his time in office to be a failure, think Biden has missed the mark in fulfilling campaign promises, and believe he is a divisive force in the nation.

On Biden's divisiveness, see Newsweek, "More Americans Say Biden Is Dividing the Country Rather Than Unifying It, Poll Finds."