Thursday, July 21, 2022

Members of Pence's Secret Service Detail Feared for Their Lives

For realz.

At NYT, "Five takeaways from the eighth hearing of the Jan. 6 committee":

Testimony from a White House security official, who had access to what Secret Service agents in the Capitol protecting Vice President Mike Pence were saying to each other over their radios, showed how agents feared for their lives as protesters drew near. The committee declined to identify the official and masked the official’s voice.

“There was a lot of yelling,” the official told the committee. “A lot of very personal calls over the radio, so it was disturbing. I don’t like talking about it, but there were calls to say goodbye to family members, so on and so forth. It was getting — for whatever the reason was on the ground the V.P. detail thought that this was about to get very ugly.”

The official said Secret Service agents were “running out of options and they’re getting nervous” and that is sounded like “we came very close to either Service having to use lethal options or worse.”