Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dirty Politics in South Carolina

London's Daily Mail has the story, "Gingrich is latest victim of South Carolina's 'dirty tricks' as fake email claims he forced ex-wife to have an abortion."

I saw the news earlier, on the allegations that Newt forced Marianne to abort a baby conceived during an affair prior to her marriage to Gingrich. I didn't pay much notice, but Robert Stacy McCain, who's on the ground in South Carolina, asked around about the story. It turns out that Will Folks, the same blogger who claimed to have had a sexual relationship with Governor Nikki Haley, is behind the smear. McCain blogged the story, and Folks smeared him as a Santorum-creaming flamer. See, "Will Folks: Now His Sacred Honor Compels Him to Gay-Bait … Me?"  Plus the latest update from Robert, "South Carolina Primary Day: Before My Saturday Afternoon Nap in Charleston."


Da Tech Guy has more, "Compare and contrast Lack of curiosity vs shoe leather reporting."