Thursday, January 5, 2012

Eugene Robinson Viciously Attacks Rick Santorum

The video's at RealClearPolitics, "Eugene Robinson: Rick Santorum's Stillborn Baby Story Is 'Very Weird'."

William Jacobson responds, "Now Eugene Robinson mocks Santorum’s mourning."

And Glenn Reynolds links to Peter Wehner at Commentary: "WELL, AFTER THE TRIG PALIN ASSAULTS, GOING AFTER A STILLBORN BABY ISN’T MUCH OF A STRETCH: The Casual Cruelty of Eugene Robinson. Remember this the next time they launch one of their bogus “new civility” campaigns."

Bogus "new civility."

No doubt.


Zilla said...

The left is disgusting, horrible and evil. Also, they are clearly ignorant and have never heard of a "wake" for a departed loved one before burial. The following is a from a comment I made at Potluck about the Alan Colmes vile attack against the Santorum family, but it bears repeating here, because people stupid people have been revealing their ignorance everywhere over how the Santorum family mourned their little baby who passed away:

People used to have their dear departed loved ones lie in state inside their homes, sometimes for days, so that friends and family could pay their final respects and reminisce about the person’s life or pray over them, it was called a “wake” and it was a common practice. In fact, we still do these things, only they are now mostly done inside of funeral homes (at HUGE expense to the grieving family, BTW), but it is still called a wake. Has Alan Colmes (and the other leftist cretins) never heard of a wake?

There were other children in the family who loved their new baby brother long before he was born, the hospital said it might help the children to process their grief if they could see and spend some time with their little baby brother before he had to be buried.

The only thing “sick”, “twisted” or “crazy” about any of this is the evil and disgusting way that the leftist ghouls are beating up on the Santorum family for how they mourned their dear beloved little baby who passed away.

The Santorum family did not do anything illegal, the hospital allowed them to do this; maybe the hospital thought it better this way than to bring all of the children to the hospital, I don’t know, but the fact of the matter is that people do spend time with their departed loved ones, it was NOT that long ago when it WAS traditionally done IN THEIR HOMES, and it is only fairly recent that wakes for the dead have been held more usually in funeral homes.

Alan Colmes and the leftist d-bags who are saying such disgusting things are ghouls, they are monsters, and they are hardcore jackasses. Fox News sucks because they won’t fire the pig.