Monday, January 2, 2012

'Occupy' Crashes Rose Parade: Attacks 'Corporate Greed' With 70-Foot Nazi-Era Octopus Depicting Global Jewish Conspiracy

Are people so afraid to stand up against the hatred, public hatred broadcast for the entire world to see? The image of the octopus has been used in attacks on the Jews for over a century. Here's a roundup on the Jewish conspiracy octopus at the Coordinating Forum for Countering Anti-Semitism.

And the local organizers didn't even try to hide their hatred.

People keep saying that the Occupy movement is all about fairness and "getting money out of politics."


That's why Occupy organizers built a 70-foot octopus monstrosity to attack "corporate greed" on Wall street. And the talking points attack the "tentacles" of Wall Street:

The octopus, said activist Mark Lipman of Los Angeles, represents Wall Street's stranglehold on political, cultural and social life, with tentacles "that reach into your pocket to get your money and a tentacle to get your house."
Weasel Zippers has a clip: "Raw Video: Occupiers and Their Giant Octopus “Human Float” Crash Rose Parade…" And at Los Angeles Times, "Rose Parade 2012: Cheers, jeers greet 'Occupy Octopus' human float."

More at London's Daily Mail, "Watch out! 70-foot plastic octopus made entirely from plastic bags by Occupy protesters for Rose Parade (but they haven't been invited)."

Pasadena city officials basically caved to threats of a massive disruption of the Rose Parade. Occupiers had no permit but were allowed to march along the end of the parade with their message of hate and exterminationism.

The New Year's still getting off to an upside-down start.

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