Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Keystone State Poll: Presidential Race Locked Up at 47 Percent

This is devastating news for Obama-Biden. Romney campaigns in Pennsylvania today, and the momentum is with the GOP ticket. The grassroots undertow is going to overwhelm the Democrats on Tuesday. The state's breaking toward an epic upset.

At the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, "Trib poll shows presidential race in Pennsylvania remains too close to call":
President Obama and Republican Mitt Romney entered the final days of the presidential race tied in a state that the campaigns only recently began contesting, a Tribune-Review poll shows.

The poll showed the race for Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes locked up at 47 percent in its final week. Romney was scheduled to campaign in the Philadelphia area on Sunday, and former President Bill Clinton planned to stump for Obama on Monday. The campaigns have begun to saturate the airwaves with millions of dollars in presidential advertising.

“They’re both in here because of exactly what you’re seeing” in this poll, said Jim Lee, president of Susquehanna Polling & Research, which surveyed 800 likely voters Oct. 29-31. Most of the interviews occurred after Hurricane Sandy inundated Eastern and Central Pennsylvania. The poll’s error margin is 3.46 percentage points.

Nearly 60 percent of people say the country is on the wrong track, and economic concerns continue to dominate. Almost half of likely voters say economic issues are the primary driver of their choice for president.

“I’m concerned about all the young people graduating from college, whether they’re finding jobs,” said Pauline Hoxie, 84, a Republican from Jersey Shore in Lycoming County. Her grandson graduated with a degree in graphic design but works a manual labor job because he can’t find openings in his field, she said.

Democrats shrugged off the Romney campaign’s late play for Pennsylvania, sending emails to supporters and journalists showing past Republican presidential candidates doing the same thing. Pennsylvania hasn’t given its electoral votes to the Republican candidate since 1988.

Democrats "shrugged it off" be redirecting millions in advertising dollars to Pennsylvania, money that could have gone to deadlocked races in other battlegrounds today. Romney's campaign it taking to the Democrats hard, and since the data reflect post-Sandy polling, clearly the president's bogus "bipartisan" disaster pandering made squat difference among the Penn electorate.

More here: "Romney Momentum in Pennsylvania."

Added: From Twitchy, "It may all come down to the bitter clingers."

And at The Ulsterman Report, "WHITE HOUSE INSIDER – Tuesday Election Break Down – How Romney Wins":
Pennsylvania: Some major trending for the governor right now that is being totally under-reported by the media. Some counties looking like they will be upwards of 70% Romney. #s will be played tight via media reports during early hours of election night, but watch for a call by around 8:30 or so for the governor. And that my friend, is when the entire liberal establishment really starts to do the backside pucker.