Saturday, December 15, 2012

New Details in Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting

The chief medical examiner has released the names of the victims. At the Wall Street Journal, "Victims Are Named in Connecticut Shooting." And the Los Angeles Times, "Victims of Sandy Hook school shooting are named."

And contrary to some earlier reports, the gunman was not "buzzed in" the school's entrance. See the Los Angeles Times, "Connecticut shooting: Gunman forced his way into school, police say."

Plus, check this Fox News interview with criminal psychologist Alan Lipman, who notes that in every case, "the facts are, as in Aurora, as in Arizona, as in Virginia Tech, as in virtually every case the Secret Service studied of these kinds of events... Every one of these episodes is proceeded by an undiagnosed, untreated, mental illness."

Also at The Other McCain, "‘He Was a Quiet Ewok, Kept to Himself a Lot. Kind of a Loner, I Guess You’d Say’." (Via Memeorandum.)

Expect updates...

5:18pm Pacific: More, at London's Daily Mail, "Twelve little girls and eight little boys: Police name Connecticut massacre victims - all aged six and seven - as it's revealed gunman shot each child up to 11 times in 'revenge' attack after fighting with teachers the day before."

10:15pm Pacific: More, "Semiautomatic Rifle Was Used in Attack."