Wednesday, January 9, 2013

'And You Can Wear Your Jolly Roger...'

I've watched this about three times now, it's so funny. At 4:40 at the clip Alex Jones says to Piers Morgan, "You think you're a tough guy? Have me back on with a boxing ring here and I'll have on my red, white and blue and you can wear your Jolly Roger..." Boy that's some hilarious bluster. And as wrong as Morgan is on the gun issue, I give him credit for his enormous patience with this blowhard. I don't listen to Jones' show and I don't seek out InfoWars on YouTube. 9/11 trutherism ain't my style, although I can understand the guy's mass appeal. Be ready with a boatload of statistics and never let your interlocutor get a word in edgewise.

Robert Stacy McCain has more, "If ‘Crazy’ Were a Political Philosophy, Its Spokesman Would Be Alex Jones."

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