Friday, January 4, 2013

Church of England Rules Homosexual Clergy Allowed to Become Bishops

They're allowed, but only if they're sexually abstinent.

I'm sure that'll work out really well.

At Independent UK, "Gay bishops allowed – but they can’t have sex":

Gay Bishops Cant't Have Sex
The Church of England reopened the most divisive issue in Anglicanism tonight by unexpectedly announcing that openly gay men could become bishops, providing they are celibate.

The timing of the decision took both supporters and opponents of gay bishops by surprise and threatens to plunge the Anglican Church into renewed infighting over the thorny issue of sexual orientation.

One leading conservative tonight warned that the U-turn would put the debate about women bishops in the shade and “finally divide the Anglican Communion completely”.

Although liberals largely welcomed the announcement they also voiced concerns that gay clergy would still be expected to answer searching questions about the nature of celibacy – something their straight single counterparts are not expected to do.

The consecration of gay clergy as bishops has caused deep divisions within the Church of England ever since Jeffrey John was forced to withdraw his candidacy for the Bishop of Reading in 2003 following an outcry by conservative evangelicals.

Today’s announcement could pave the way for Dr John, who is now Dean of St Albans and one of the few openly gay but celibate clerics, to finally take up a senior position within the Church.

Celibate homosexuals. Is there such at thing? An oxymoron?

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