Saturday, January 5, 2013

Communists Angela Davis and Danny Glover to Headline Democracy Now!'s Inauguration-Night 'Peace Ball' in Washington D.C.

Communist Amy Goodman's Democracy Now! is hosting a big inauguration-night party featuring Angela Davis, a former Communist Party USA leader who ran as that party's vice presidential candidate in 1980 and 1984, and Hollywood communist Danny Glover, a widely-acknowledged left-wing radical who is close personal friends with Communist Cuba's revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Also speaking is Van Jones, the Obama administration's former "green czar" who was fired after his past revolutionary communist organizing activities were exposed by conservative new media outlets.

Clicking the link takes us the information page at Democracy Now!, and the list of speakers:
2013 Peace Ball (Washington, D.C.)

Join Angela Davis, Amy Goodman, Danny Glover and Alice Walker with performances by Mos Def, Sweet Honey in the Rock and more at the 2013 Peace Ball!

Celebrate with food, laughter, music and dance, as peacemakers from all over the globe gather for this incredible event.

Where: Washington, D.C.‘s historic Arena Stage at The Mead Center For American Theater

When: January 20, the evening before the Presidential Inauguration

Special guests include:

Angela Davis
Danny Glover
Alice Walker
Ralph Nader
Rita Dove
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Van Jones
Sonia Sanchez
Nicole Lee
Avis Jones-DeWeever
Julian Bond
Marian Wright Edelman
Medea Benjamin
Etan Thomas
Dave Zirin
Rev. Lennox Yearwood, Jr.
Barbara Ehrenreich
Phyllis Bennis
Jack Halberstam
and more!

Musical performances by Sweet Honey in the Rock, Mos Def — and special surprise artists!

Each $200 ticket includes admission for one to The Peace Ball, VIP reception, refreshments and open bar.

VIP Reception begins at 6:00pm
Program Begins at 7:30pm

Arena Stage at the Mead Center
1101 6th Street Southwest
Washington, DC 20024

Tickets will be held in your name at the door — Photo ID required for entry.
Alice Walker is also a well-known communist who is on record as spouting some of the most vile anti-Israel eliminationism of recent years. See, "Alice Walker: The Color of Anti-Semitism." Her Discover the Network page is a checklist of some of the most hardline revolutionary activism around.

I could go on: Barbara Ehrenreich and so many other communists on the roster. Unreal.

And yet once again, such hard-line communists and Israel-haters are regular listening fare for the extreme left-wing troll-rights harassment stalker Walter James Casper III:

As I've been reporting, Repsac3 has become more openly radical than ever and at this point it's safe to say he's a small-c communist as indicated by his radical activism and affiliations, far-left online blogging and Twitter footprints, and by the long list of hard-left and ideological communists who fill his mass media repertoire and inform his programmatic political commitments.

Walter James Casper III is a tool of the anti-American, anti-capitalist left in this country, and by definition is a traitor to American exceptionalism and the limited government system established by the founders. But like all the other communists manning today's hard-left ramparts, he will deny any of these orientations and venomously denounce the "McCarthyism," which is tantamount, of course, to a thinly-veiled confession of such un-American radical politics.

It's amazing how far out in the open the communists have come over these last few years. But with the Democrat Party today taken over by the "boring from within" revolutionary radicals of the Alinsky mold, it's really no surprise at all.