Sunday, January 13, 2013

Detroit Welfare Mob Riots for Section 8 Housing Vouchers

We're going to hell. Soon enough, alright. Shit's hitting the freakin' fan.

At Blazing Cat Fur, "Riot Breaks Out at Housing Assistance Event In Metro Detroit."

Also at Lonely Conservative, "In Michigan 5000 Show Up For 1000 Section 8 Vouchers, Chaos Ensues."
In Michigan 5,000 people showed up at a human services office to pick up Section 8 housing vouchers. The problem – there were only 1,000 vouchers available and the crowd got out of control. The state police had to be called in with riot gear and the giveaway was canceled. Of course, the people who were turned away empty handed act like victims, and one young woman lamented that so many elderly people were turned away. That’s sad, maybe if all of these young, able-bodied people weren’t there to get theirs the elderly frail people would have been taken care of.
Yeah, I'm heartbroken about this.