Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Elizabeth Scalia Responds to Mary Elizabeth Williams

Mary Elizabeth Williams, in an essay at Salon, attacked conservative pro-life activists as "diabolical" for appropriating the slogan "life" as the central symbol of the anti-abortion narrative. Yeah. I know. Being pro-life AND winning the debate is indeed diabolical if you're a leftist. But that's just the beginning of this morally inverted pro-abortion screed.

Elizabeth Scalia responds to Williams at The Anchoress, "“Abortion Ends Life? So What?” Here be Monsters. – UPDATED":
Williams is making precisely the utilitarian argument made by every totalitarian ideology that ever slaughtered people by the millions, because they were the wrong sorts of people, or were useless eaters, or they could not contribute to the advancement of society, or their quality of life just seemed too dubious to those who did not know and love them. Immediately after expressing concern that “liberals” might look like monsters, she utters the monster’s line: you have no rights except those I give you.

And click through at the post for Williams' essay. Diabolical is just about right.