Monday, January 7, 2013

Guns and the American Political Culture

As the Democrats get set to launch a "broad gun control agenda" in the new Congress, it bears remembering that President Obama's election continues the left's "fundamental transformation" of America. The new push for gun control legislation isn't just about "gun safety." It's about one more pillar of the American political culture that the left wants destroyed. Yesterday's lead letter to the editor at the Los Angeles Times really drove the point home, and hopefully the country's culture of individualism and self-sufficiency will outlast this latest push by the radical forces to bring fundamental, destructive change.

See, "Letters: Guns, America and the NRA":
Re "The NRA's hidden power," Opinion, Jan. 3

I commend Jennifer Carlson for her insight on the National Rifle Assn.'s grass-roots power and would add another comment on the philosophical side. This country was founded by individuals who were forced to take care of themselves. This self-reliance underpinned our nation's independence and westward expansion. Today we look to the government to supplement our living and protect us from lawless individuals. Those who choose to carry guns are expressing that historical philosophy of taking care of themselves in areas where the government is unable to fully meet the challenge.

While gun-control advocates frequently make comparisons to other nations, we should not forget that since the Civil War this country has not had foreign troops invade our soil. It is not the guns that protect us; it is the attitude that we are responsible for our personal destinies that has made America strong.

Bill Schoettler
Los Angeles
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And see, "The NRA's hidden power."