Friday, January 25, 2013

Icy Death: David Cox Died After His Car Plunged Into Water on School Run

These winter car-crash deaths are too much.

At Mirror UK, "Horror on the school run: Dad drowns after BOTH family's cars crash into icy river":
His wife managed to swim to the bank with their daughter and son and the three of them tried valiantly to free him but he drowned.
School Run Icy Death
A dad drowned yesterday after his car plunged into an icy river - moments before his wife's vehicle did the same.

Last night a neighbour told of her desperate bid to free trapped dad David Cox from his submerged car which crashed during the school run.

Victoria Bamber waded stomach high through the water to reach the stricken dad-of-two who had skidded off a snow covered road just minutes before his wife Ruth’s 4x4 crashed at the same spot, jamming his door shut.

Ruth, 39, managed to swim to the bank with their 11-year-old daughter Tess and son Ioan, nine.

The three of them tried valiantly to free him but he drowned.

Mum-of-three Victoria said the first she knew of the tragedy was when frantic Ioan banged on her door after running three quarters of a mile from the crash scene to his home to raise the alarm because there was no mobile phone signal in the area.

The 32-year-old added: “He was running down the lane shouting for help.

"He came banging on the door saying, ‘There’s been an accident, daddy is trapped’.

“He said that both cars had gone into the water.”

As she raced to the scene Victoria spotted Tess who was running towards the house, for a second time.

When she arrived at the crash site, both cars were in the water but she could only see one, which was wedged against the other, trapping David.
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