Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kathy Kattenburg: 'That's Not a Kaffiyeh [sic], Donald. You Are an Idiot...'

Just getting back online right now, I find this comment from radical leftist and progressive death apologist and denier, Kathy Kattenburg:
That's not a kaffiyah, Donald. You are an idiot. And stop trying to pass yourself off as pro-life, and advocates of legal abortion as pro-death. You are not pro-life.
There's a lot that pisses me off about hate-addled progressives, but honestly, their despicable lies are infuriating. Kathy's wrong. The woman at WSJ's abortion report is wearing an Arafat keffiyeh, which is spelled with an "e" not an "a" --- not to pick, but who's calling whom and idiot? Here's the woman's picture from yesterday's post:

Keffiyeh Terrorism

And here's a picture of the now-dead Palestinian terrorist leader Yasser Arafat, with the identical scarf:

Yassir Arafat

And here's the description of the keffiyeh at Wikipedia, where the photo is placed:
Traditionally worn by Palestinian farmers, the keffiyeh was worn by Palestinian men of every rank. It became a symbol of Palestinian nationalism during the Arab Revolt of the 1930s. Its prominence increased in the 1960s with the beginning of the Palestinian resistance movement and its adoption by Palestinian politician Yasser Arafat.

The keffiyeh would later become a trademark symbol of Arafat, who was rarely seen without a distinctively-arranged black-and-white scarf. (Only occasionally did he wear a military cap or, in colder climates, a Russian-style fur hat called ushanka). Arafat would wear his keffiyeh in semi-traditional way, around the head and wrapped by an agal. He also wore a similarly patterned piece of cloth in the neckline of his military fatigues. Early on, he had made it his personal trademark to drape the scarf over his right shoulder only, arranging it in the rough shape of a triangle, to resemble the outlines of the territory claimed by Palestine. This way of wearing the keffiyeh became a symbol of Arafat as a person and political leader, and it has not been imitated by other Palestinian leaders.

Another Palestinian figure associated with the keffiyeh is Leila Khaled, a female member of the armed wing of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. Several photographs of Khaled circulated in the Western newspapers after the hijacking of TWA Flight 840 and the Dawson's Field hijackings. These photos often included Khaled wearing a keffiyeh in the style of a Muslim woman’s hijab, wrapped around the head and shoulders. This was unusual, as the keffiyeh is associated with Arab masculinity, and many believe this to be something of a fashion statement by Khaled, denoting her equality with men in the Palestinian armed struggle.
Speaking of Leila Khaled, here's my photo of her iconic terrorist portrait from UCLA Israel Apartheid Week. Again, the design is exactly the same as that of the keffiyeh worn by the woman in the picture above.


The pro-choice activist's keffiyeh is an Arafat scarf, the exact same style that the terrorist leader wore when he was leader of the PLO and, obviously, when he was meeting with East European Communist dictators such as Romania's Nicolae Ceauşescu, pictured with Arafat above in 1974.

Leftist's won't argue on the merits. People like Kathy Kattenburg are hateful liars in the most vile Orwellian mode, attempting to change language to camouflage their ideological evil. And people like this are the reason that our work on the right is never done. Because the brighter the light of truth we shine of the left, the more aggressive the left becomes with their lies and Orwellian doublespeak.