Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Liberals Are the Cancer Cells in the Destruction of the Metaphysical Body of the Republic

This is an amazing essay, from Tom Hoffman, at American Thinker, "We Await our Caesar":
Great civilizations are grand metaphysical enterprises that transform the physical landscape in accordance with the underlying belief system. The appearance of liberal ideology can be best understood as a metaphysical virus that spells the doom of the metaphysical body politic. The great institutions and traditions that conservatives seek to preserve and pass on to their children are looked upon as a problem and a source of inequity by the liberal ideologue. Conservatives are doomed to fail when confronted with an enemy that does not share their value system. The system itself is the enemy to the liberal/progressive.

The spiritual organism that is a grand civilization lives out a destiny as do all organisms. In old age we are less able to fend off disease. The great civilizations were all victims of their own success; they died of old age, a shadow, if that, of their former greatness. The glorious Roman Republic succumbed to the same cultural rot that we today are experiencing. Caesar was able to manipulate a demoralized mass of city dwellers to topple the aristocracy long since grown corrupt in exchange for food and games. The modern welfare state is the reflection of that Roman rot in our time...

As far as the body politic is concerned, liberals are the cancer cells, the change agents bent on destroying an order that is perceived as unfair. There are no clear alternative visions other than utopian longings. They are as destructive and shortsighted as was Robespierre. They leave only destruction behind...
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