Monday, January 7, 2013

My New International Relations Journals Are Here!

In the old days, back in graduate school and before all the academic and policy journals were available online, today would be a heavenly day. The mailman delivered to my door both the new Foreign Affairs and new International Security --- my two favorite journals in political science. So, thinking back to about, say, 1995, I'd be hanging out watching football and reading the latest articles, with no doubt some of them important to my comprehensive exams or dissertation research. On a Monday, I'd also probably get The Economist and Newsweek in the mail as well, so I'd be running around more excited that Steve Martin in "The Jerk." I'm such a geek. (It's interesting though the speed with which these journals are disseminated with the current web technology --- I debunked Fareed Zakaria's cover story a couple of weeks back.)

New Journals