Sunday, January 20, 2013

Obama 2.0 — Dear Leader Embraces Confrontation Mode

Well, the "bipartisanship" front was a scam to begin with, but at least the MSM admits that O's doubling-down for the second term.

Here's the Los Angeles Times with an amazingly honest front-page report, "Obama comes out swinging for second term":

Dear Leader
WASHINGTON — In President Obama's first term, a promise of bipartisanship withered on stony ground; as his second begins, he has openly embraced confrontation.

On a parade of hot-button political issues, including the budget, gun control and immigration, Obama has begun to hammer on weak points in the Republican coalition.

He has made little effort to woo members of the opposition in Congress, whose positions he has characterized publicly as "intransigent," "extreme" and "absurd." Instead, he appears intent on dividing them.

That approach has unified Democrats, who remain staunchly supportive of the president, while exacerbating splits in Republican ranks, according to polls. While the strategy involves considerable risk, Obama and his aides seem convinced it offers their best hope of winning major legislative victories in an era of deep partisan divisions in Washington and in the wider electorate.

The administration wants to "stay away from inside-the-Beltway, elite negotiations and try to pursue an outside-in strategy, where the president seeks to mobilize public opinion and put pressure on a minority of Republicans," said William Galston of the Brookings Institution, a public policy think tank.

The idea, he said, is to find weak spots in the GOP coalition, then "stick a wedge into the crack and wiggle it back and forth until it breaks."
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And see Ronald Brownstein, "Expect Obama to Be More Aggressive in His Second Term."

IMAGE CREDIT: The People's Cube.