Monday, January 21, 2013

Obama's Inaugural Address Wasn't 'Grounded in Language of Founding Fathers,' He Raped Thomas Jefferson for Radical Collectivist Agenda

The idiot Greg Sargent spins the president's disastrous inaugural speech, "An expansive case for progressive governance, grounded in language of Founding Fathers" (via Memeorandum).

No, Obama didn't "ground" his speech in the Founding Fathers. He threw the Founding Fathers to the ground, butt-reamed them, especially Thomas Jefferson, to gratify his monstrous collectivist urges, to push his extremist collectivist agenda that bears absolutely no resemblance to the limited government vision enshrined in both the Declaration and the Constitution.

Here's this from Sargent's piece:
Today, Obama quoted extensively from the Declaration, and declared that it is our challenge to “bridge the meaning of those words with the realities of our time.” He then went on to make the case for robust government activism in the economy — precisely in order to preserve individual freedom, i.e., the ability to pursue happiness. He linked this to the need for more government investment in infrastructure and education. For rules designed to ensure fair market competition. For maintaining the social safety net (in the form of Social Security and Medicare, achieved by two great Democratic presidents). For the need for a greater push for equal pay for women and full equality for gay Americans (which Obama linked to the struggle for civil rights for African Americans by invoking Martin Luther King).

Obama tempered his communitarian language by claiming it is not incompatible with “skepticism of central authority,” but the clear statement of his governing philosophy, which he insisted is rooted in our founding principles, was unequivocal: “Preserving our individual freedoms ultimately requires collective action.”
We'll be seeing a lot of commentary on this speech over the next couple of days, but it bears noting that Jefferson's theory of "all men are created equal" is rooted in God-given rights. Obama made only the barest, most perfunctory reference to our Creator. He simply doesn't ground the source of human dignity in a higher power but in the all-enveloping arms of the state. And in making his case, he smacks the Founders to the pavement and abuses their theories in the name of state power. It's perverse and obscene. I don't know this country anymore.