Friday, January 11, 2013

'The intolerant Left claims another scalp...'

Following up on my post yesterday, "The Homosexual Star Chamber Exacts Its Latest Penalty."

Here's Twitchy on Kirsten Powers' comments on the left's merciless attack on Louie Giglio, "Kirsten Powers slams ‘intolerant Left’ for forcing pastor out of inauguration."

Well, yeah. The left's goal is to eradicate any recognition of religion, and the role of moral values, in public life. It's absolutely totalitarian, the kind of censorship and suppression you'd find in totalitarian societies. Like I said yesterday, they'd execute Giglio if they could. It's frightening the degree of power these extremist minorities have under this regime, but that's why conservatives have to stand a post. We're down to the very survival of liberty in this country.