Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Progressive Plan to Remake America

I doubt there's anything new here, except the revelation that a bunch of left-wing groups got together after the election to consolidate the already on-the-books program of fundamentally transforming America. We're smack dab in the middle of it.

But Maggie's Notebook has this, "NEA, SWA, NAACP, GreenPeace Meet to End Voter ID, End Filibuster – and GET BIG MONEY OUT OF POLITICS."

And communist Steve Hynd has more, at The Agonist, "The Democracy Initiative – smart organizing at last?" (Via Memeorandum.) Note that Hynd is a.k.a "Cernig" from the old Newshoggers blog --- the folks who cheered al Qaeda in Iraq using down syndrome women as suicide bombers. Hynd writes at The Agonist:
Such a pity it is being done for a President and party that are de facto the 1980s center-right, wouldn’t it be great if these people were also trying to build an actual party of the left too? Ah well, maybe – just a maybe - the Democracy Initiative will exert some of their undoubted clout to hauling both Obama and the Dems back leftwards a bit.
We're already tracking pretty far leftward, but that's not enough, obviously, for out-and-out communists.