Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Why Are Trans People So Angry?

The Other McCain weighed in on the angry transsexuals debate and notes it's a case of "competitive victimhood." See, "Transsexual Bullies Successfully Censor Feminist Writers Who Criticized Them." (And don't miss the rousing comments section therein...)

And then Christine Burns, who says she's an "equalities expert," whatever that is, offers some common sense on why trannies are so angry, at Just Plain Sense, "Mending Fences":
The Guardian is seen by many trans people (rightly or wrongly) as prone to transphobia … a belief reinforced when it carries reports critical of one trans clinician whilst being blind to the clinical abuse of hundreds or thousands of other trans people. Again, the only balance in this latest controversy has come from trans writers.

I don't say whether it is fair or not for trans people to see the world this way. I'm too far from everyday discrimination myself to know for certain how I'd feel if I were being called an abomination.

I don't say that being abusive or making threats is ever an acceptable way to conduct an argument. Heavens, over the years I've had enough threats myself. It's not nice.

But I do have the perspective to understand why people might get that angry. Why they may lose it. Why cries of 'victim' by the people who've abused you may sound just a tad ironic.
The Guardian's about as far left a mainstream newspaper/website as you'd imagine, so this idea that it's "prone to transphobia" is a little much. I think it was the reaction to some rather, er, penetrating commentary that set these buggers off.

In any case, Blazing Cat Fur has more on that, "'...people who identify themselves as 'transgendered' are psychotic or simply unhappy...'" You could say the same thing about "troll rights" harassment stalkers, but that'll be for another day.

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