Friday, February 22, 2013

'59% Think Most School Textbooks Put Political Correctness Ahead of Accuracy...'

Althouse has the report, from Rasmussen, and she writes:
Anybody putting together a schoolbook has to think about inspiring children and building ideals and character. I'm saying that even though I lean strongly in the direction of straightforward, factual information, and I think that it's a serious moral wrong to use compulsory education to indoctrinate children.
Well, my American government textbook is probably politically incorrect from the radical left's perspective. One of the main selling points is its strong emphasis on American exceptionalism and our founding beliefs in individualism, liberty, and self-government. Students are unfamiliar with these things when they get to my classrooms. They have only a passing acquaintance with what it means to be an American. Whether the problem's families or the schools, we have a lot of work to do in transmitting the democratic beliefs of our founding generation.