Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sex Scandal Engulfs Liberal Democrats' Nick Clegg

This is pretty big.

At London's Daily Mail, "Sex scandal engulfs Clegg: At least 10 women claim the Lib Dem's Chief Executive molested them - and the leader's office knew about it."
The Deputy Prime Minister has been dragged into the sex scandal surrounding a top Liberal Democrat accused of molesting women.

Amid mounting claims of a cover-up, it emerged Nick Clegg’s private office was made aware of the claims as long as five years ago.

Aides to the Lib Dem leader refused to say how much he knew about the allegations that former party chief Chris Rennard had groped a string of female activists. But last night, evidence was growing that senior party officials ran an organised campaign to silence the women and shut down an internal investigation.
Nick Clegg

More at Telegraph UK, "Chris Huhne’s lover Carina Trimingham sold tale of Nick Clegg dalliances," and at the Sun, "Nick Clegg caught up in top Lib Dem sex allegations scandal."