Monday, September 16, 2013

Black Thug Aaron Alexis Identified as Gunman in Washington Navy Yard Shooting

Instapundit links to the FBI page from earlier today with the message:
Aaron Alexis, deceased, is believed to be responsible for the shootings at the Washington Navy Yard, in the Southeast area of Washington, DC, around 8:20 a.m. on September 16, 2013. The FBI is asking for the public's assistance with any information regarding Alexis.
Well, I'm sure the image of this man wasn't what the depraved gun-grab leftists were hoping for.

The New York Times has some information on Alexis here, "Gunman and 12 Victims Killed in Shooting at D.C. Navy Yard." And at USA Today, "Aaron Alexis, Navy Yard shooting suspect: Who is he?"

But see Fire Andrea Mitchell, "Aaron Alexis – dead Washington Navy Yard shooter arrested in 2010":

Aaron Alexis photo df8fd792-230d-4e5c-a004-991d84341f58_zps9861d8bd.jpg

Aaron Alexis a black thug has been identified as the dead Washington Navy Yard shooter. Aaron Alexis was a 34-year-old individual from Fort Worth, Texas. According to NBC Dallas, Alexis recently began working as a civilian contractor. Aaron Alexis also had a criminal history. He was allegedly arrested in Fort Worth back in 2010 for firearms discharge. The Aaron Alexis mugshot is available here.

Maybe this shooting was done ‘for Trayvon.’

And those whiners who want to be politically correct about calling this scum a ‘thug’ it’s too damn bad. This site isn’t and never will be politically correct. He had a criminal record, killed at least 13 Americans for his own reason. Yes, he is a thug just like Jared Loughner, James Holmes and Adam Lanza. Don’t like it? Too bad. Go whine on some leftist blog.

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