Monday, September 9, 2013


I was going to watch the USC game on Saturday night and said screw it when I couldn't find it on the remote. Next thing I know I see the news that the Trojans got beat by Washington State, 10-7, at the Colosseum. That just won't do for SC fans, and now there's a big push (an even bigger push, actually) to get rid of Coach Lane Kiffin.

See Bill Plaschke, at the Los Angles Times, "Trojans are bad; fans are mad at Lane Kiffin; is Pat Haden listening?":

Two games into the 2013 season, there are two words that perfectly describe the state of the USC football program.

They are two words that echoed through the bowels of the Coliseum late Saturday night, two words chanted by thousands of voices, two words illustrating how a loyal and sunny crowd have been drenched in anger and hopelessnesss.

Lane Kiffin returned to work in front of Trojan fans for the first time this fall after being jeered into last winter, and it was as if the coach had never left.

With three hours of boos preceding the ominous late chant, Kiffin’s Trojans were poorly coached, poorly managed, and ultimately embarrassed in a 10-7 loss to Washington State.

Fire Kiffin? Everyone worried that this Trojan season would turn bad under the embattled young coach, but few could imagine it would turn this bad, this quickly.

Fire Kiffin? Even in an athletic department run by a guy who clearly doesn’t want to dirty his hands, this could still be the official beginning of the end of his stormy four-year tenure, a nail in the Kiffin.

Pat Haden and his rose-colored spectacles can’t ignore what happened on the field and in the stands in Saturday night’s home debut, and how it mirrors what has happened with Kiffin since the middle of last season. This is no longer about the smoke and mirrors of deflated footballs and phony jersey numbers. This is about reality of defeats that are embarrassing to the program’s rich tradition, a culture whose proud legacy is under the care of Haden, whose effectiveness is also now being seriously questioned.

Before this season Haden said he’s "100%" behind Kiffin, yet the coach has now lost six of his last eight games in a stretch that includes embarrassing losses to Arizona, UCLA, Georgia Tech in last year’s Sun Bowl debacle, and now, Washington State.

This was the same Washington State that had been outscored 146-22 by USC in their last three meetings, that had lost eight straight to the Trojans, that had not beaten them in the Coliseum in 13 years.