Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Freedom to Blog Update: Standing Up to Evil

Every single time I've been the target of left-wing harassment and intimidation --- including the numerous and despicable libel campaigns against my college employment --- it's been the result of blogging the truth about despicable leftists and their depraved ideology of hate, envy, and coercive redistributionism. There's nothing left-wing monsters hate more than people shining the truth on their acts of godless hatred, harassment, and intimidation. I'm proud of everything I've ever done to earn that kind of enmity, because I always stand for decency and right. I won't stop shining that spotlight of truth, ever.

So it's with a deep sense of investment that I link to this piece from Robert Stacy McCain, "The Fact of Evil: @Popehat Describes Brett Kimberlin’s Lawsuit Against Truth." And he writes:
Liars hate truth, and the wicked fear justice. Every honest man must oppose harassment and intimidation intended to silence those who call evil by its right name, because if truth is silenced, the righteous and innocent shall become prey for the wicked and dishonest.
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And following the links, don't miss Popehat, "The Popehat Signal: Help Fight Evil In Maryland."

Don't back down. Speak the truth and stand tall against these f-kers. They're genuinely evil.