Monday, October 21, 2013

Obama Lamely Rebuffs Criticism of Healthcare Debacle in Desperate Rose Garden Address (VIDEO)

It's embarrassing.

He's desperate.

Obama's obviously just emerged from a bunker on the White House grounds, because not a word he utters reflects the realities on the ground for the majority of Americans who're now convinced that the problems go way beyond a chintzy website with stolen code.

See Byron York, "At the White House: Obamacare success stories that aren't":

In the days since the problems with the Obamacare website became too large to ignore, defenders of the administration cited the many people they said have already benefited from the new exchanges, as well as from the law as a whole. Presumably, the White House had many success stories to choose from in deciding who would stand behind the president at Monday's event. But some of the successes they chose don't seem to be successes at all.

And again, listen to the clip. Obama's like a traveling vacuum cleaner salesman, desperate and hawking a shitty product. But he's not worth an ounce of your pity. He made his bed, the asshole.

Also, "Remarks by the President on the Affordable Care Act."

BONUS: See Andrew Kaczynski, "Flashback: Obama Told People They Could Keep Their Health Care Plan" (at Memeorandum).