Sunday, October 20, 2013

#Rule5 Sunday Roundup

At the Other McCain, "Rule 5 Sunday: Rubycon."

Hot Selfie photo BWxwU4YCYAA85XM_zpsdf367b07.jpg
More at Daley Gator, "Daley Gator DaleyBabe: Marlina Moreno."

And from Bob Belevedere, "Rule 5 Saturday: Amber Campisi."

Soylent has "Morning Coffee."

At Pirate's Cove, "Sorta Blogless Sunday Pinup," and "If All You See…… is a tiny home that would be perfect for Everyone Else, as long as they aren’t pulled by fossil fueled vehicles, you might just be a Warmist."

Proof Positive has "Friday Night Babe: Sarah Rafferty!"

And at Randy’s Roundtable, "Thursday Nite Tart - Sandra Brec."

At Odie's, "I'm In Trouble ~OR~ Rule 5 Woodsterman Style."

More from Drunken Stepfather, "STEPLINKS OF THE DAY."

And at Egotastic!, "Alessandra Ambrosio and Camilla Bell Headline the Cleavage Goodness at Beverly Hills Gala."

At EBL, "Rocky Horror High School."

Also at Blackmailers Don't Shoot, "Some Saturday Notes with Hot Chicks and Metal," and "Pretty Girls on a Thursday, Random Hotness Edition."

Plus, at 90 Miles From Tyranny, "Girls With Guns." And, "Graphic Art: Women With Weapons." 

Check Wine, Women, and Politics as well, "Saturday Sweeties."

At Animal Magnetism, "Rule Five Friday News."

See also, the Hostages, "Big Boob Friday."

And at a View From the Beach, "Rule 5 Saturday - Mischa Barton Back From the Brink."

And In a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World has the "Friday Pinups."

More at Postal Dogs, "Taylor Momsen's new song better than you might think."

Good Stuff has "Elvira and Karen Nyberg."

See Dana Pico, "Rule 5 Blogging: Back in the US of A!"

And from Yankee Phil, "Real Sarah vs. Photoshopped."

And from Subject to Change, "Solid Gold."

More at Knuckledraggin', "Your Good Morning Girl."

Drop you links in the comments if I've missed your Rule 5 entry!